Content Creation.

When marketing to the modern world content is king! If you have a website that is not being uploaded with new content regularly there is a chance you are lower down any results generated by search engines, such as Google and Bing, this means you could be sending potential customers away and in the direction of your competition.

At Easy Way Web Design we have access to a specialist team of content creators who have worked with some of the biggest content creation agencies in the UK, writing articles for websites in a diverse range of industries. They have written for clients in hospitality, entertainment, legal and other professional areas who are based throughout the nation.

The aim here is to create content, about subjects that are relevant to your business, that will help you make the public more aware of your products and services. This content is used to build a blog of articles on your site, as well as creating guest articles for other industry-relevant blogging sites.

Our team will talk to you to allow them to gain a clear understanding of your business, this will allow them to create a list of topics that articles can be written about. These topics are researched fully to make sure they will form good subjects for the use of being found in search engines, this forms the process of keywording i.e. taking a list of topics and finding out which are the ones people search for, these are the keywords.

Once we know the keyword set we will begin to write articles, of no less than 500 words for each.

Another use of a content creation service is to write or rewrite the text on any given webpage, this is to make sure that the text on the page is giving out the correct information to those reading. Here we are looking for clarity, consistency, and accuracy. Having these things makes it easier for potential customers to engage with your website.