SEO Services.

If you have a website that people are struggling to find, the chances are that one of the following is the causes:

    1. There are very few or no keywords in the backend of your website.

    2. The keywords that are there are not right for the industry or environment you are trading in.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the act of implanting words in your website that we know customers use to find companies like yours when searching on Google, Bing or any other search engine.

Our team has access to tools that will enable them to find the terms customers use when typing in a search engine about a product type, service type, or industry type. 

Easy Way Web Design can help to narrow down the search for keywords or terms, to create a list that is accurate and perfectly suits need. This list can then be placed into the code of your homepage, making it easier for search engines to find your website and display you as a search engine result option.

We aim to create a list of 25 to 30 keywords and terms for the homepage of your website, these are based on your products, services, and location, they will also seek to include variation and any local specific terms. This list of keywords and terms may also be used to inform any content creation strategy.

Look at it like this. To a search engine there is a distinct difference between the following:

London Takeaway
Takeaway London
Takeaway in London