Every business has a website, as they all recognise the need to use the internet as part of their modern marketing plan. But if you run a business in a sector that is full of competition then you may find it a struggle to attract customers away from your competition and towards you as the product or service provider. This can lead to you feeling like you are banging your head against a brick wall and questioning what you need to do in order to create an internet marketing strategy that really attracts customers. 

Most of us have heard of this magic thing called Search Engine Optimisation, but how many people know what it really means and how to use it to its best to gain a market advantage over our competitors? After all, we are busy running our businesses and may not have the time to learn a new set of skills that are designed to market our businesses in a way that may not feel natural to most.

At Easy Way Web Design we can take the mystery out of SEO in Preston for you and create an online marketing campaign that we are confident will gain you the business results you desire.

The keyword research

Many people have heard of the term keywords, but how many of us really understand what they are? Keywords are terms that might be embedded into our websites’ homepages, blog articles on our websites or other parts of the backend of the websites we are involved with that allow search engines, such as Google and Bing, to find our website and place it as an option with relevant searches.

Getting these keywords right is a vital part of creating good quality SEO in Preston, you need terms that are relevant to the business sector you are trading in without being too technical, and yet, we need to know that the majority of people who are looking for your products or services will be typing these words or terms into search engines. For this reason, some keyword research will need to be carried out.

The research we will carry out for our customers will identify common trends with the searches related to a business sector, product type, or service and seek to identify those that can be used to help drive customers towards your business. The hope is by generating the correct set of keywords for you and your customers we can help you find new customers and new revenues, making your business more successful and profitable going forward.

How keywords are used?

First, we will ensure that all suitable keywords are embedded within your website coding in the area known as the head via creating a meta-tag group for Google and Bing bots to find, we will also add a small meta-description to this area as it will provide a small description to will be displayed to let people know about your business.

Next, we will start to create a series of blog posts based on the research we have carried out that are designed to address different aspects of your business and give individuals a greater sense of what you and your business are about.

Doing these things will be the starting point that will allow us to create strong SEO in Preston for our customers.

Easy Way Web Design prides itself on being able to create and build websites that are clear to follow, as well as being focused on the customer experience.